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Obituary for Martin Greenfield

Martin Greenfield of San Diego, California passed away on Saturday, February 18th, 2023 at Sharp Grossmont Hospital. Martin was born in New York. He was the son of Charles and Rebecca Greenfield. He is survived by his sons, Chuck and Michael, his daughter Laura, their children, and his brothers Gary and Robert.

Martin's memory will live on in the hearts of family and friends.

Traumatic Brain Injury and Consequences that People Generally Don’t Warn You About
By: Martin Greenfield with the hello of Laura Ross

Traumatic Brain Injury is a growing consequence of improved medical care. Sounds strange but it’s true. Many people are surviving in situations where they would not have in the recent past, thanks to improved medical care. The effects of brain injury can range from an occasional “senior moment” to complete brain death.

My brain injury was the unforeseen consequence of open heart surgery that didn’t work quite the way doctors expected it to. The end result was that they saved my life but unless I am dealing with a situation that has a serious impact on my life, memory is very fleeting and can virtually disappear in as little as ten seconds. People have asked me that with my brain injury how can they trust what I say to be true. I wish I had a good answer for them but I don’t. While most memories are fleeting, ones that have a large emotional content are not, and I can remember what happened and what was said in great detail. As strange as it sounds, I have a very detailed memory of seeing a battleship launched from the Brooklyn Navy Yard when I was six months old, but I can’t remember what I had for breakfast one hour ago.